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Drill into the tunnel Daoge cable cars open all stolen

4 cars stolen after the seven men repeatedly drove to the highway tunnel Daoge cable, optical cable that they cut down on the value of more than 40 million. October 11, Yangcheng police in this gang suspects arrested last.
Police identified since last year, the white suspect, who several times a premeditated crime of theft, and has in Qinshui, Lingchuan, Changzhi and so the total value of more than 10 million theft of Wuling brand mini van 3 and BYD car crime as a transport. Since September of this year, the white one, Wang, and certain, surname Wang, Liu, Zhang collusion of six people, driving stolen vehicles, has sneaked into Park Yang-wing ditch highway tunnel, Huanglong tunnel toll Wangcun exit at the theft of cable 7, the value of more than 40 million. Outskirts of Changzhi City, LI of Wang Ma factory town knows such a booster cable is stolen from the white, still the acquisition of the theft of stolen property, profiteering.
Currently, the seven suspects had been under criminal detention, four stolen cars have been recovered.







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