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Two villagers jailed for stealing cable partner

Two villagers jailed for stealing cable partner recently, the partnership Pengshan County People's Court accused of theft communications cable according to Wang and Dumou first instance verdict, were sentenced for theft Wang 5 years in prison, 4 years in prison Dumou and fined 10,000 yuan. Compensation for the second sentence the defendant Meishan Branch of China Telecom Corporations'earnings 17,253 yuan of economic losses.
It is understood that they were all Dumou and Meishan Wang Dongpo village villagers. Early morning of April 27 this year, prior Capitol, Dumou and Wang Lung Pengshan County motorcycle to reach the town of nitrogen fertilizer plant under the overpass near the back door, climbed the walls with pincers to Pengshan County Telecom communication cable 80 meters Line stolen, obtained 1417.5 yuan after the disposal of stolen goods. Identified, the value of 7708.5 yuan cable. Taste the sweetness, the two again in the same way May 7 daily Yongshou Dongpo in the town of Meishan City, a highway next to the Meishan Dongpo stolen cable telecommunications company, was stolen money 720. Identified, the value of 9544.5 yuan booster cable.







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