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Police in seven thousand yuan involved in stealing communication cable caught two suspects

On October 10, high security sub-bureau uncovered involving more than 27,000 value together a series of yuan, communication cable caught stealing two suspects.
Since September, a telecommunications company weihai area communication booster cable many villages early stolen. After the public security bureau area, higher working personnel spread rapidly detection. October 10th at 4:00, early in the police station village and town jin's mountain road sections seized two deeply fortuna's suspected of stealing the suspect, and coordinated cable car theft in van 1.
The police interrogation, zhang, HanMou suspects from mid-september began stealing communication cable money. Premeditation Therefore, the two people in a division of communications company worked for the temporary zhang and ready to commit locations selected stealing tools, HanMou responsible for driving their van sales stolen cable. Two people on September 22, September 26, on October 1st, October 9 a.m., successively in four villages DaoGe cable, then it's road fence, 7000 yuan were stolen. October 10:30 in the morning, when the first five times by police arrested crime on Monday.
Currently, the two suspects have been high district police detained by criminal law.







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