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Shenzhen police seized millions of counterfeit printing supplies worth more than

Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau under the reported action taken by surprise and successfully take away a treasure Longhua Area entrenched in printing supplies false dens, live over a hundred million in market value of seized counterfeit HP printer cartridges and ink cartridges, and arrested three suspects suspects. This is the Bao'an police seized this year with the largest case of counterfeit printing supplies.
Police had received reports Baoan, located within the Long Hua Longsheng Village will be a large volume shipments of counterfeit dens, the police investigation after a careful arrangement of Economic Investigation Team and Longhua station joint action, in a successful intercept counterfeit dens pending at removed after the liberation of the loading medium goods vehicle licensing. Police found the car, nearly 100 boxes of fake "HP" logo printer cartridges, a total of more than 1,400.
Police then check fraud dens found that the warehouse has more than 1,100 fake HP toner cartridges, not pasted more than 7,000 counterfeit trademark cartridges, and packing boxes, sealing machine, hot glue gun and other tools to a group of counterfeiters. It is noteworthy that, the police also seized a number of well-known brand printer cartridges generic security labels.
Police also arrested the scene carrying counterfeit cartridges are packed three suspects involved. After initial interrogation, the suspect is fellow per capita, more than six months engaged in counterfeiting has reached one of them or graduate student, joined the sake of profits and groups engaged in illegal counterfeiting activities. Counterfeit products are sold in Shenzhen and the surrounding areas of large electronics market stalls printing supplies.
At present, the case involved three suspects have been Baoan Jingfangxingju, the case is under further investigation.







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