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Anping morning around one hundred communication cable fixed stop theft

Long Ping Oct. 24 City Network (Xinhua correspondent Meng Haitao) at 10:00 on October 23 received friends broke the news early this morning, a large sub-text of Anping County, branch offices Unicom Station-meter embankment WaughCommunication booster cable Stolen, that can not be near the hundreds of phone contact with the outside world.
Large sub-text of branch office users Qiaoju Zhang confirmed the statement, told reporters that the construction team is now seize the time to repair the communication is expected to be back to normal tomorrow. Reporter then rushed to the scene to understand the situation, Zhang Xiao Zhang village homes, said: "Last night the Internet is also a good way, the village this morning, the phone can not get through, and this criminal act of destruction of communications facilities, should be severely punished." Near the small Entrepreneurial counseling base in line trade Liu said: "Not talking about a customer that the product drawings fax today over how to do this next? If you lose this order, the loss could be big."
Journalists will further attention This。







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