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11 kg hair made of "Tiananmen"

with 11 kg of hair, made of a Tiananmen Square model. 10 o'clock last night, reporters at a barber shop Wudaokou see a red and yellow of the Tiananmen Gate is nearing completion, drew many customers back in the barber could not watch.
The barber shop hairdresser Mr Wong told reporters that his model of the Tiananmen Square, is entirely made of hair. "To customers throw away hair clippings, use them up and make better models." Huang said, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of new China, he moved with hair made from a country dedicated to the idea of Tiananmen Square.
According to Mr Wong, who carried out the first hair on the hair washing, bleaching, coloring, the hair and then stick into the glue gun to glue the strips carefully.
After 5 months of time, a length of 86 cm, width 32 cm, 60 cm high of hair on the basic shape of the Tiananmen Square, the Tiananmen share to 11 kilograms of different lengths of broken hair.







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