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Zhandao noise nuisance violations

WASHINGTON May 6, Chengguan Branch Trade and Industry received a proposal for the transfer of Municipal Political Consultative Conference, CPPCC members reflect Nanhe Village, dozens of illegal lane and processing of steel processing shop steel doors and windows, and the noise has seriously affected the normal life of nearby residents. Yesterday, the Bureau of Market Management Division law enforcement personnel along the southern flood steel processing shop conducted a thorough inventory.
In the afternoon, the reporter went to the south along Riverside Business law enforcement officers, a 474 called "Tian Hao," the steel windows and doors processing shop and found the store's business license had expired. Chaotic pendulum processing equipment store anywhere, because of the local small and connected to the back door and southern flood area, the parties will be processing all the raw materials used in stacked in the yard, a serious impact on the lives of nearby residents, and travel. In the law enforcement officers arrived, two staff members are working with, knock sound, sound welding, cutting voices law enforcement officers immediately asked to stop work and ordered to issue a correction notice, and the tools used by its law were seized. Across the street, law enforcement officers found two called "the people", "Sheng," the steel windows and doors processing shop. The two share a business license, business license and the address is not in the area. Law enforcement officials immediately issued to the two stores ordered to correct the notice, requiring the immediate closure of the survey, and the tools for processing according to the law of the seizure.
According to statistics, the council had inspected the afternoon on either side of the door Library of Gansu Province, South River Avenue, the Village and readers around the steel door and window shop in 19 sections, including operating without a license three, a business license expired, seized cutting machine 3 Taiwan, drill four, a riveting gun, glue gun 2, the impact of drilling a, grinder 1.







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