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Gaaisnix cable off on March none?

25 October 11 when the town enterprise to Mr. Bell: enterprise seat back down a wire, has more than two months. Anyone with a bamboo poles support, but there has been no department, call over complaints nobody tube. This wire down is very dangerous.
Mr. Bell wire, the enterprise of the seat of the staff, should be the cable.
"But we also don't know is which company, so all the cable for several months and can't handle." The workers said.
"The wire has been more than two months off, has no person. I don't know what time, someone with a bamboo brace it, but still dangerous, pass by there feel ready to drop down the line." Mr. Bell said angrily.
Mr. Bell has many complaints, but the problem has been solved.
The enterprise seat staff have confirmed the neglect of cables.
"Should be the communication cable, already fell nearly three months." The introduction of staff said, village notice this problem, also had sent with this thing.
But by the telecommunications company communications cable laying, do not belong to village.
But the cuckoo village is to determine which communication cable company, so all have failed to deal with this matter. "We have found many communications companies. China telecom staff came over and say they were not the cables. Unicom there I did call report, but no staff to contact us. And China netcom, tietong those, until now we don't know what the cable companies." The crew, booster cable with bamboo ladders shored up by the villagers, there is risk, but when can solve problems still don't know.







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