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The thieves stole all organs calculate capture QiuHao cable police observe the suspect

Zhuang a wait a few suspects, use oneself will lock and silver star coal known convenient conditions for crazy theft cables. On 24 oct, LingWuShi public security bureau TuGang police substation connect subsequent white Yang gang burglaries 7 up in time.
White TuGang police substation jurisdiction silver star, because this year the remoteness of coal mine is in the preparation period, hardware protection ability is poor, sold measures do not reach the designated position, from 2010 mid-august so far, continuously happen copper booster cable BeiDaoAn 7 times, stolen value 60,000 yuan, including into what stricter safeguards inside storeroom continuous theft formule 3 times.
After receiving reports, white TuGang police station has formulated meticulous patrol interrogating scheme. On October 12, will have been supervised, through early on suspicion of having stolen the illegal coal iron silver star classe one suspects, zhuang so-and-so, meng one caught. On three illegal interrogation of suspects in the policemen found that the three jena school for migrant workers, and to certain questions adept over trivial. In criminal police brigade with handling the police finally a shelter from the suspect zhuang found part booty. Finally, zhuang a meng some instructions crime scene.
According to information, since August, zhuang one has successively colluding with other four migrant workers to silver star clusters, and coal theft cable and scrap metal scrap its cover, a total of implementing theft cable 7 times.







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