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DaoGe communication cable seven suspects were arrested

Yesterday, quanzhou police destroy a DaoGe communication cable criminal gangs, captured gang members 7, and solving this year since July took place in this area under its jurisdiction theft destruction of telecommunications cables cases more than 90 cases, involving a value more than 90 million yuan.
31 August night, HuiAnXian telecom company in besmear walled town south erection mai Po village wild communication cable was criminals, were cut DaoGe walk more than 1.6 meters, cable economic losses resulting 1.6 million yuan. According to statistics, since July this year, HuiAnXian from rim sichuan, east ridge, net peak, besmear village, screw Yang, yellow pond township erect in the field of such communication cable, often by DaoGe heavy loss. Since September, almost every day by DaoGe booster cable
Quanzhou police through a period of investigation, the final locking in luoyang and rented a gang of luojiang OuJinYu community nonnative personnel have significant crime suspect. On the evening of October 27th according to master the situation, quanzhou police officers on to draw the net in action. Yesterday at about 1, police in luoyang town luoyang village and luojiang OuJinYu community several rent, captured the criminal suspect to seven.
Upon examination, the criminal suspect Lin mou people etc, metasomatism since July, they rented a car for transportation, successively escaping to HuiAnXian towns, DaoGe telecom departments erect in the field of communication cable, commit crime more than 90 on, DaoGe to cable sold in luoyang town YunZhuang village open scrap acquisition shop LinQuanXian li mou of anhui. At present, the case is for further investigation.







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