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The national electric wire electric cable quality control center built declared national acceptance

The total investment capital is 30 million yuan, architectural space 17000 square meters of the national electric wire electric cable quality control center (jiangsu) infrastructure work has been completed, is currently declared national acceptance.
August 2007 aqsiq reply construct the national electric wire electric cable quality supervision inspection center (jiangsu) (hereinafter referred to as the state center). The center of the arffic offered by the local government support, yixing city people's government free transfer 2 hectares of land, and provide 30 million construction funds. Center a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of about 3.9 hectares, with a total construction area of about 17,000 square meters.
February 23, passed by China national center conformity assessment by the state council and jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau organized jointly different laboratory aptitude and laboratory accreditation review, started the normal foreign business work. At present the center infrastructure work has been completed in mid-september, the plan in December declared national acceptance.
Jiangsu quality's dean, YuanBiao said: "by the end of last September, is still in the preparation of the national electric wire electric cable quality control center (jiangsu) is completed inspection about 4,300 batches, portfolio is already more than 10 million yuan."
Jiangsu is China's largest cable manufacturing province, the output value of the national nearly 1/3, the province has nearly 800 cable manufacturing enterprises. Yixing city as the nation's largest electric wire and cable industry to gather, with annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan, the output of the national electric wire and cable market volume 1 / about six.
Yixing pledges inspect bureau chief, said PeiZhiLiang introduced in yixing no national center, basic it is below 35kV before the booster cable products, 500kV cable for technology reason has not industrialization. Now the country's center built ultrahigh pressure laboratory, detection capacity is 800kV, can cover to 500kV under high voltage and low voltage cables ultra. Because enough testing ability, make local ehv cable industrialization by dream into reality.
In the year to August, yixing seven home cable large-scale production enterprise has completed the construction of 500kV and ultrahigh pressure cable production line has 9, among them 7 seat made tower production line, two hanging chain production line, drive the direct investment reached 1.5 billion yuan, is expected to side can produce nearly 100 billion yuan of sales value.
Yixing vice mayor WangHuaLiang said, 1025 period, yixing will high-end cable, environmental protection and energy as cultivate the three strategic new industry to build three fills billion level industry cluster, the government will continue to center for each work build optimal external environment
Jiangsu national center for the completion of substation will lead wire and cable industry trillion scale formation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, in local economy produce a great role.








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