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Cable industry's future informatization trend

As a high growth industries, and cable industry informatization construction is still at the primary stage of comparison, most businesses, even if not on ERP on ERP's also very primary application, the main information support in financial and daily work. However, the industry is the core value of link, raw materials procurement, product development, marketing and other fields, basically no information on IT company, IT is worth noticing a business.
Foreign cable industry informatization level are relatively good, such as than Rayleigh, very early adopted SAP system, Nike's on is Microsoft's navison ERP, Taiwan's HuaXinXian on the tiptop after DingXin instead of SAP.
Domestic cable manufacturers, a few years ago on some of the smaller ERP, such as samsung uniERP (the products have been withdrawn from China) and so on, in recent years of informatization construction is with less investment.
Cable industry's future informatization trend:
After years of rapid development, at present, the domestic large booster cable industry from on management, from size, from regions have greatly broke through the initial development mode, need through informatization and ways of new management mode will be from advanced solidification QiYeXue to lean production management methods idea ground, this needs of enterprise informatization construction.
In large-scale investment before combining with enterprise development strategy and management mode, carries on the informatization construction in the planning, clear path, and then carry on construction!







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