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Manhole cover frequency throw threat pedestrian bird droppings deciduous nerve-wracking

Manhole cover frequency throw threat pedestrian bird droppings deciduous nerve-wracking
On November 10th in early morning, 50km dimness small garden south gate sidewalk board particularly conspicuous. Generally speaking, the sanitation workers in the morning the streets cleaned should not leave so obvious rubbish. Assessment team curiously walk over and feet trample on -- below is empty, just trying to find reasons, city ChengGuanJu a head west explained: "the manhole cover just stolen last night!" Manhole cover is stolen, street management personnel to avoid causing casualties to spread the plank, can greatly board but directly affect the dimness of the image.
"As soon as possible inform responsible unit change new!" Review of the assessment team is urging. Arrived at XinNing road north west street west sidewalk with sidewalks of the fair, shop doorway, ground protruding piece word tartar lets a person looks suspicious, approached realised it was in no manhole cover Wells, remind citizens pay attention to safety. In the May 4th south east road pavement closer and closer to the ground, there is a temporary manhole cover, a piece of architecture, and concrete flat on the surrounding flat floor tile form bright contrast. There are some manhole cover damaged unbearable, some half block half attack by surprise...
The crow, deciduous let the sanitation workers have a headache
The crow flew into the city really made the sanitation workers have a headache.
Weather a cold night, the suburbs raven choice in town, less than the morning sleep daybreak, they fly out of downtown, on the ground of feces it is their best vouchers. "Law enforcement personnel using artillery, throw off firecrackers overtake, but with a scare of crow from the second began to sit, how to cast won't go out!" Pointing to the May 4th west road appear acres of besmirch, deputy director of the ChengGuanJu appearance in xining city zun-li tell the truth, they even consulted animal experts to solve the problem, but the crow like in urban overnight natural phenomenon who also can find no way out.
Bird droppings pedestrians looks uncomfortable, more let the sanitation workers, urban management law enforcement personnel helpless. However, the reporter discovers, individual altitude without cable on the ground of no bird droppings. "It seems that the only let all cables to the earth, can let the crow find another winter son!" Assessment team so Suggestions.
The autumn leaves also let the sanitation workers have a headache. A gust of wind, after the roadside piles and piles of deciduous let the sanitation workers some very busy. "This leaves are a natural phenomenon, don't let them affect our objective evaluation of streets." Assessment team said at the same time, the sanitation workers in twos and threes are armed to cleaning the roadside leaves. Just put the fallen leaves into a heap of garbage, place again when there is wind volume to a lot of, cleaned and pile, cleaned and pile, in one place requires repeating a sweeping movements.
Leaves are natural phenomena, the public can understand the city leaves in autumn because more and looks messy some. But, HuanWeiGong people did not allow their jurisdiction so untidy, insist on post cleaning.
Wire and cable to the earth
Although 50km many streets booster cable has not been implemented into the ground engineering, still hanging in the sky. In the May 4th road, qinghai normal university west gate, a telecom cable box on the winding wires conspicuous pole. It is reported, the urban management department of law enforcement personnel has more than once to relevant unit reflect and hope they clean wire as soon as possible, but the problem has not been solved. "Leaving aside the messy coil of wire will affect my appearance, and just the safety problems also cannot ignore! Don't related units to wait until a dangerous accidents just done?" Officials said.
Some streets have implemented wire into the ground and pipeline renovation project, cleaning the "spider webs aloft," optimization of natural gas, drainage and poewer supply. However, the construction is left after "tail" interferes with the much more. People who have to count the deepest impression from underground bubbled tubes, size is differ, different degree, some end was tape block, some is flat wide open: the non-professional workers won't know that what's, but it can be sure they affect the city. "' ChuangWei 'success, consolidating achievement of the burden of still need each unit, every citizen to undertake, only the whole society cooperation up to co-construction and more livable city environment." Xining ChengGuanJu DuChaChu, deputy director of ZhangYanHui said.







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