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Residential building outside communication cable night stolen

This morning, the new road 591 lane of the community residents found, erects the outer wall stolen, communication cable, the residential communication obstructed. In addition, cable stolen also "complicity" a nearby hospital, causing networks, patients unable to properly registered and attendance. "The thief too wicked!" Residents and hospital patients are very angry.
When the reporter arrived at 10 in the new long march on the road hospital zhabei sorting (original zhabei central hospital), found that registered window in front of the medical insurance system since long queues, just returns to normal. Zhang woman tells a reporter, she this morning at 7: xu hurried to the hospital sees a doctor, were told medical insurance system malfunction caused unable to properly registered and charges, doctors do medical records also cannot use network, can rely on handwritten. Then the whole hall gathered hundreds of patients, hospitals, temporary decision, let patients to go to see the doctor, etc. System repair after fill again registered and charges.
Reporter then came in goughexin road new Chinese crossroads 591 lane village, several dressed in overalls maintenance personnel are nervous repair.
Residents told reporters this morning, after getting up, they found home telephone, Internet all "paralyzed, unable to use." Go out a busybody, this just know 4, 5 dweller building external wall communication cable stolen away, village communication therefore was blocked. Police and telecoms company staff immediately rushed to the scene, upon examination, about 40 mm in diameter, about 30 meters long a period of communications cables severed.
Maintenance personnel told reporters, stolen cable terminal household as 600 door, thousands of residents and nearby hospital be affected thereby. Due to repair timely, concatenation hospital cable has begun to repair, the hospital's medical insurance system at 10 a.m. xu returned to normal.
Maintenance personnel also told reporters that thief night stealing booster cable is not the first time, not long ago nearby village had also happen again. Community residents who want, security can strengthen night patrol, the neighbourhood can also be vigilant, don't let the thief again to succeed.







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