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Shanghai 40 meters long cable stolen nearly thousands of communication interrupt

8 o 'clock yesterday morning, a section of the new road zhabei external wall dweller building a root communication cable was suddenly DaoGe, which results in a nearby village near to thousands of residents' home communication interrupt, residents temporarily unable to Internet and telephone impassability. Meanwhile, the wall with the district hospital medical center of zhabei network system also suddenly paralyzed, many patients who are unable to see a doctor.
When the reporter arrived on the scene, telecom's emergency repair personnel has arrived, repair is underway. The reporter sees, be located in the new road is DaoGe get district no. 4 and 691 5th building periphery wall communication lines, the communication line from the ground about five or six meters high. Reporters on the scene can clearly see two bare thrum of booster cable.
After police and telecommunications companies working personnel of check, determine DaoGe is a 40 mm diameter, long approximately 40 meters of communication cable. Stolen cable terminal household as 600 door, 1200 root point line cut out.
Cable was DaoGe after nearly thousands of residents' home near communication interrupt, life work affected. In reporter when interviewing, aside to the inhabitants of hospital zhabei center tells a reporter, hospital current medical network system also has paralyzed, many patients are waiting to go to see the doctor in the hospital within.
Around ten o 'clock in the morning, and part of the cable has been switched on, zhabei central hospital in the first time to resume normal medical system network. One and a half hours, repair after work, local residents cable also be repaired, upon the completion of the residents to resume normal communication.
At present, local police have interventional case investigation.







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