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5 male into fudan university steal cable 1 male was water cannons "frighten" ashore

At noon yesterday, five men into fudan university campus construction site in attempt to jiangwan theft booster cable. In school guards players to find, after one man to avoid chase, unexpectedly plunged into the river, after school is coming up in the firemen water cannon "frighten" on shore.
Yesterday 12 when 30 points, the municipal public security bureau WenBao sub-bureau hudong zhonghua university police station received fudan university control facility at ray mill reports, found five men on the campus construction site have suspected theft, including one man to escape school guards players chase, unexpectedly diving into the school in rivers. The remaining three men over the wall escape, the other one is school guards players NiuHuo. Policemen arrived after, to sources jump river man, but the man persuasion always unwilling ashore, police hence please fire department to site reinforcements. When the firemen tried to use water cannons, the man was "frighten" get up the bank.







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