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DaoGe landscape lamp underground cables theft gang was found unexpectedly siege guards

Since October this year, the international exhibition center surrounding green belts landscape lamp of underground booster cable often stolen, directly affects exhibition city activities. CangShan police strengthened night patrol, 13 morning will theft fence gang, five members in custody.
Day morning, CangShan cover mountain police substation police lead security patrol to exhibition center west side, we found a man is green belts landscape lamp beside pry iron boxes, immediately forward interrogating. See only a policeman and two security guards, suspected LiuMou to hide in 30m man waved accomplices. Instant, green belts among the bushes out three other men, four people will two security guards rounding up and with it entwine, pushing. Police suspect the side with the break, a privately to another group patrol and road patrol police send a signal. Five minutes later, other police arrived, the four suspects tackled.
Subsequently, police in the day before yesterday morning in lantau curtilage hind Wells village will capture the alleged fence more. After examination, four suspects confessed, since since October this year, they successively in straits international conference and exhibition center around 30m implementation theft since mar.2007, theft underground cables 670 how meters, value 28000 yuan. Secretly to booster cable, they will TongXin stripping out, with 48 yuan per kilogram to fence more.







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