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Stolen cable in a police car thieves unexpectedly to jump river sa

Three steal cable, GuanZei in see a police car yes, but after guilty staged driving fugitive, jump river fled etc scenes farce.
A few days ago, jiangyin XiShi bridge ball zhuang village a villager to jiangyin the port calling says, the village powered by 31 families suddenly blackouts. Powered immediately sent someone to spot check, detection is somebody stole cable, and immediately called the police. An hour later, in jiangyin XiShi bridge chicken house bay and CAI home border, a microbus head suddenly will destroy headlamps and throttle behaviour aroused the attention of the patrol car. Seeing quickly be police car overtook, vans unexpectedly turned into the stream direction beside the roots. In the river, vans stopped, three men from car appear jumped into the river. Police later arrested one man. Originally this trio is steal cable GuanZei, vans jacket exactly what they had just stolen booster cable, value more than 30,000 yuan.
According to commit crime suspect zhang explaination, including him three commit crime suspects were from guangxi PingLeXian. On November 2, 2 a.m. driving around, three minibuses came to ZhuangFeng house bay steal the ball into the cable take-off in the transformer. Haven't enough time to fence, is the police cracked.







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