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Find no electricity, reflex to see transformer

5 a.m. yesterday, the city s gao port in the village of gold lotus master up found his home has no electricity, initially thought it was tripped, but next door also said no electricity. If there is a relationship between pictorialization gold teacher ran to the village of high-pressure BianDianQi near to see, the results showed that the above cable was cut stolen.
Cable is not the first time stolen
Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to gao libu town lotus lake nautical mile s s village 5300. The villagers gold teacher tells a reporter, 5 a.m. much when he got up, ready to boil water washs a face, the results showed that has no electricity, initially thought it was tripped. But heard next door also have no electricity later if there is relationship between pictorialization, and rushed to the village near the high-pressure BianDianQi found that, the above cable substance is not people cut stolen. Originally, on August this year, here cable have been stolen once.
Some villager tells a reporter, cable stolen at about 2 points, the rest of the night there because he was staying up late watching the football results suddenly has no electricity, but thought that he was tripped, there is no thought that morning just know is stolen cable, and now the whole lake nautical mile s most residents are 5300 not using electricity.
Gold teacher says, to steal cable, must climb to the top, cut off BianDianQi high voltage transformer and cable connection mouth. The thief has not only get an electric shock risk, but also very easy to fall from a height. To do this operation, affirmation is well trained.
Police said it would enhance patrol
Subsequently, the reporter comes to gao port police substation. Police station a policeman told reporters that the recent week time, in gao libu town range similar cases have occurred within six or seven, this also attracted their highly valued. They have side contact powered hold firmly time to repair, strengthen BianDianQi near the high voltage side patrol.
Journalists are also call a gao port substation of shen bureau chief, he tells a reporter, because the recent booster cable stolen much, they doberman spare cable has almost run out. A few days ago the stolen cables, the day before yesterday has repair ok, lotus root s village stolen cables are repair, is expected to evening can repair. Shen director, said they have asked some emergency repair personnel, often go high-pressure BianDianQi near around, once suspicious personnel timely alarm.
Shen director give reporters calculate a bill, lotus root s village was stolen six-mallet cable repair reset, expenses in 3 million yuan RMB and the stolen only when scrap sell hundreds of dollars.






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