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Handan one male stole one meter cable lamps dark 16 hours

See street section metre long cable and promptly up greed, cut to purloin it; and, behold, it causes the street lamp 16 hours cannot lighting. A few days ago, hebei province CongTai police in handan residence rectification arrested in this suspected damage electrical equipment case online escaped convict.
41-year-old lee is CongTai area. Last August 26th afternoon, li mou to walk FuYang bridge south, there was a bare found luce booster cable, long approximately 1.5 meters. Li mou nobody looks pulled carry knife, cut off in this paragraph of cables. This period of cable is supply furong raw river on both sides of the street lamps lighting. This move will have the whole river south of furong raw renmin street FuYang river on both sides of the street lamp and in 16 hours cannot work. The police can claim the case belong to criminal cases, and quickly locking the goal. Li mou rushed to the wild escaping.
This year's sixth census began, CongTai district police station in the area under its jurisdiction sijiqing the transients on inventory. On November 6, afternoon, police came to wei zhuang a small crossroads, just meet li mou. Li mou saw wear police uniform, don't panic, by three policemen up asking two ask, then has admitted his real identity.
At present, li mou has been transferred to HanShanOu public security bureau for processing.







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