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5 tons cable thief zha like moved twice shy!

Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to hon shunde hardware electrical city 7 ministerial 25th shop doorway wai, full of electromechanical city owner. See do business together counterparts by pilfer, everyone is in hate the thief's at the same time, to market property also showed a strong dissatisfaction.
According to owner miss wu introduction, 7 am, she hurried to store to open the door to find, security doors on either side of the door lock has been pry, pull open gate a look, originally put in store cable disappeared, desk drawer &filling cabinets also be picked. "I still how business!" Miss wu said sadly, morning found after she hurried and stolen property, want to find market surveillance video summoned. Can let her disappointment, moonlight market unexpectedly has no installation monitoring devices, makes the police cannot master any clues.
Mr Sun says, these cables are prepared yesterday to customers, the former one night, he till nine when XuCai leave. Yesterday morning way, found in-store except shelves bound dead several bundles cable outside and all else has disappeared, even the hidden in 2 castles in the upstairs a heap of cable also ransacked. He preliminary statistics once, stolen cables at least five tons, more than 30 million yuan worth.
Immediately after the crime, inside the market other owner also worried. An owner says to the reporter, from some time ago to start, inside the market will not allow in-store living people, said to fire safety. That they understand, but the market should be increased security patrol. Want to know, more than 30 million yuan of booster cable stolen, thieves not short time can finish crime process, and need several tons of freight to over out. If current market has security on duty or video monitoring, patrol will not allow thieves so easily grab. Everybody thinks that, in the management of the property market have very big holes, hope property to broad owner a saying.
To this, JiangXiHong shunde property management Co., LTD. Is a WuXing staff when accepting a reporter to interview, said in the morning they had heard the owner stolen, but night inside the market is a security patrol, one hour patrol once. The case in not clearly understood before, she cannot confirm what is owner stolen or owners themselves will store of goods carried away. At present, only after police crimes such as, can have a final conclusion. To owner puts forward the inside the market not to install monitoring equipment to questioning, she explains, because the market only half a year, so no operation monitoring in place.
Reporter survey learns, the market has already received part owner of nearly one year rent, but a unattended, not to install monitoring equipment market, security question has been let into the market of the owner's most worried about. The more amazing is that in the interview, WuXing staff didn't know exactly how much employed in the market of security personnel, she let journalists and owners themselves to nanchang depressed security firm understanding. "Such a market, how can let owner to ease the business?" The owner is terribly discontent, think property only know charge property fee, and no concern for the owner's safety.







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