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Zhuzhou tietong caught stealing cable successful night squat down a thief

Along with the market's price soare, communication cable stolen also has risen sharply, outlaws rampant crime, desperations, theft happen from time to tome. Stone mountain area QingShuiTang to lotus delivery of tietong cable two consecutive days, stolen, 200P cable 2 the stolen 80M, 500P cable stolen peg20m, zhuzhou tietong quickly called an urgent meeting, deployment, decided to grasp stolen work day and night on duty tonight will be invited to render Chang thief, don't catch a squat down oath not to give up.
The 2010 winter comes, sooner or later, the first wintry blast temperature in all 8 degrees below, night night amesh prison, zhuzhou tietong pipe down, LiuJianBin, JiJie workshop FuJun benign and LongHui altogether four people were divided into two groups, QingShuiTang station waiting in the two exports, ready to wait for windfalls. Since the early evening 11 until 6, they stayed awake throughout the night, morning take turns a nap, put day at work, so the continuous squat down 9 days. Until the first 10 days fruitless, pipeline, and extra hands workshop decided to request strains north station policemen assistance, the second batch of personnel ZhangLaMing, ouyang mirror, HuangJian, XuYuLiang total 4 people also join team, or keep in substation QingShuiTang station two exports, everybody all vigilant, stare big eyes, just expected early catch the thief. Finally kung fu not too long, until the first 12 days morning at about 4, on plant north station comrade of active assistance, everyone caught stealing booster cable thief success 6 people, they commit crime tool is complete, means brillant, action eerie, not only directly to the state caused direct economic losses, but also seriously affect communication network is smooth, indirect losses were incalculable. Meanwhile, to social security and public safety brought serious negative effect. Therefore, future must joint public security department, arouse the masses, to materialize, emphasize strictly cable anti-theft work.







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