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The world's most drum pavilion museum in ninghai opening

The autumn county, zhejiang province ningbo again raised culture boom. Recently, Chinese culture and history famous town of folk square before dieing gongs, RenRuChaoChong chorus. "China's first drum pavilion hall" in guzhen held a solemn, opening ceremony, China world record association awarded the "personally relevant leaders of the world's most drum pavilions house" certificate. Holding red certificate of the town leadership excitedly say: "drum pavilion hall construction and opening, is the electric power sector for he lit the holy light, the world."
Before dieing drum pavilion gallery is "drum pavilion" hometown of former child town for a better inheritance and develop before dieing yuanxiao guild of this unique traditional folk culture and investment to build, also is at present the sole domestic drum pavilion carried ge theme pavilions. Drum drum pavilion exhibition pavilion museum by acting and folk-custom square two parts, with a total area of 5819 square meters, construction area of about 1,500 square meters, with a total investment of nearly 1000 yuan, since June 2009 formally initiated drum pavilion library construction, lasted for one year and 5 months built.
Drum pavilion hall of movie multimedia and stage a specially combination for big visual background, before dieing before GongChe adjustable for local traditional music background, show before dieing yuanxiao guild lively scene, visitors watching from time to tome and vivid feeling. The display of drum drum pavilion mapped kiosks, carry cabinet, swing and a series of guild props and clothing, embodies the grand atmosphere and lantern guild and flourishing of traditional folk art essence.
Drum pavilion hall has been developed in recent years before dieing town tourism industry of a key construction projects, is also one of the ancient town development "brand project".
By 2010, before October caddie to ninghai PSB before dieing to the standing committees of the power supply business under the afternoon, must be completed within 5 days of underground hall drum pavilion cables and indoor line installation. After receiving "challenged" before dieing power supply business immediately Danube, selected 10 topnotch worker, in wall make composed commandos narrow, construction machines hard to unfold, under the situation of commandos with their hands move soil plowshares dig way, just opened a more than 50 meters in cable trench, laying cable point spread too smooth, see a imperfections, be concerned expert called drum pavilion hall "high-quality goods engineering". In order to embassy within the power line more safety and beautiful, and it doesn't affect the overall quality, assault players constantly work, play a fundamental wire frame line, wind up all calculate formula, thus ensures the interior lines and drum pavilion museum architecture bring out the best in each other. After four days before the child day and night not firewire, power supply business finally one day in advance completed drum pavilion booster cable and routes of hall for the opening creates installation, the initiative.
Before opening day, the power supply business caddie and door.it presents for each line, each switch points, every light body is conscientious and meticulous MoPai to check the power supply and organize the grass service, accomplish truly a "danger".
On November 6, with the "China first drum pavilions house" opening, ninghai lion dance, play teeth, zhang level folk songs and east ao YuGe, li GongZhuang abdomen wraps up show that drew such profusion debut guest million people gathered all parties. Before dieing town town tourism development companies Lou always very happily to the author said: "before dieing drum pavilion hall can obtain Chinese 'first drum pavilion hall" title, the power sector is ShouGong, is you to complete all the advance high-quality installation, otherwise electric circuit opening reach twice the result with half the effort.







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