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A new site capture GuZei

On November 14 late, codenamed "nightingale" inventory action in the new city construction site launched, action, a friar preached the criminal suspect is border police substation police arrested a wave. If not in time, lift up black police new area construction process would suffer a greater influence.
In recent years, when the new city construction, especially the city government worksite construction raging fire. In this critical period, wave border police substation dedicates officers 14 night give up the rest, conduct code-named "nightingale" inventory activities. When the inventory dandong city government site dormitory to the time, detection in bed one xing equipped with four root is sawn of booster cable, the police immediately realized it is very likely friar preached case. Together,
Subsequently, police quickly and analyzed the case within the police are divided into two groups, one group in site looking for one, a group of xing may be hiding place search of cable. When the first group police inspection to municipal government site 17th floor when he saw a man are using toothless chainsaw cutting building elevator room internal cables.
The man saw police put down his chainsaw flurried fled, and all the police immediately blocked renovate a construction building, carry out the catch.
When the two policemen with footsteps to catch up with building 19 storeys, it was found that the weakened the criminal suspect hiding in a dark corner, police decisive, who will forward the uniform is a xing.
In front of a xing evidence theft confessed. According to a certain metasomatism xing, he is liaoning LingYuanRen, 22, June came to dandong jobs. November 13 late, he's alone to building room elevator, took out long prepared chainsaw, a total of 23 cable cut respectively, hidden in the dormitory quilt sack and warehouse.
Municipal government site of the damage booster cable is used advanced conductive cable elevator, after preliminary estimates, a cut by xing cable value more than 20 million yuan. Cable stolen to construction process brings certain effect.





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