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Hereafter have risk timely row next cable underground

Jiangxi biotechnology vocational college a path through the campus road 10 kv high-voltage, due to ageing, plus the thunderstorm weather, bare wire and the branch entwined, unceasingly the sparking, teachers and students to bring security hidden danger. Campus On November 3, the reporter learns, this matter has been settled satisfactorily.
On October 25, nanchang power supply departments five emergency repair personnel rushed to the scene, and high-voltage intertwined with branches sawed off after leaving. The school thought, thoroughly eliminate hidden dangers, only will high-voltage transfer or buried underground. The next day, the school has will recommend written, and reported to the power supply departments. Nanchang power supply departments took it seriously. On October 27, nanchang power supply departments related principal led staff to the site investigation. Simultaneously to the officials said, will put the matter to the provincial power supply company, plans to report overhead lines above change booster cable engineering practice. Is now waiting for approval, expected this safe hidden trouble will next year will be solved thoroughly.
Before modification, only by way of branches sawed off eliminate hidden dangers. Power supply departments commitment, such as a problem, at any time send workers team to the scene zone.






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