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Consumers 10KV cable cut brutal construction brew large power outages

November 25th morning, live in tin town, near the village of liantang sees many residents after getting up in cooked breakfast found lampblack machine can't open, the room that all the lights are not bright, 24 evening well this how the power went out?
Reporter in taihu lake avenue and pond south road intersection of this site, look at me behind this machine hammers is the culprit, and not far in hit-and-run we see a moonlight pits. Now the pit stops excavation, we see the inside of the distributed the crisscross cable, we from the power supply company emergency repair personnel that understands, including a root consumers 10KV causativity machine line cable is to drill a hole in a large. We also asked the jobsite workers, this site is tai lake avenue node engineering, and hit-and-run unit is Shanghai construction group.
Wuxi electric power supply company engineer ShenHui said: "this is the third time will I hit-and-run unit of cable company dig broken brutal construction caused the pond near the village of more than YuSongQiao etc sees thousands of residents and elihu dozen corporations blackout."
Reporters were dug open pit in about ten meters in the position, in my side of the fence with red font obviously written and marked the sections have booster cable, but accident or happened. At present, the power supply departments have according to the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws for electricity law hit-and-run for payment of power according to law, the entire site inform books are now in shutdown state. Get electricity lines to work immediately launched.
Reporters from the worker that understands, was in piling when excavating operators know underground cable, but because this there were dug broken cable's place even to walk in soil, so piling car drivers don't feel too might run into a negligence, it caused a pond near the village sees large power outages. Until afternoon, this stretch resumed normal power.





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