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Steal cable burn rubber was found the thieves tranquilliser into pits

Because business lose money, owe the bank loans, shaanxi to silver business man zhang unexpectedly thoughted of theft cable idea. On November 23 at 4 when 40 minutes, zhang crime are found, the escape into a graves, tackled by police.
That night, received yinchuan telecom departments personnel alarm, XunTeJing detachment of yinchuan means more than words can tell 2 brigade police rushed to unity means more than words can tell area near square, see a new telecom patrol cars. The car was a man hurried said: "someone at enterprise on the south side of the canal dam edge burn booster cable, we telecom workers are the stare kichen." In the telecommunications patrol, led police closed lights, driving along the canal dam, when the original enterprise runs around yinchuan, he found a man squat in the roadside burning what, send out a pungent tried to smell. See someone come, suspect arose and then run, police and telecommunication department staff at his heels. Because it was dark, suspect couldn't see road, "plop" once fell into more than a metre deep pits inside, police arrested the suspect immediately jumped out of the pit.
Via checking, suspects zhang mou, shanxi, two years ago in yinchuan rented homes. Lishui, According to the telecommunications sector staff introduced the copper wire, cable value not much money, but nearby telecom stations broken ring, big losses.






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