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ZhouCheng lamps cable frequently stolen

On November 22, after enshi "lamps a tempory endeavor man-agement nearly time stolen loss the lamps of the cable has a full recovery. By the end of September to now less than two months, urban street lamp cable total stolen 32 times, stolen length of 2878 meters, the direct economic loss of 36740.40 yuan, and other public facilities also is same, stolen loss situation also more and more serious.
According to statistics, by the management of the street lamp enshi "on November 10, hydrophilic corridor bright project line loss amount stolen 4630 meters 61566 yuan, intelligent tubes stolen 82 loss amount 54120 yuan, root two aggregate loss 115686 yuan. All the thief stealing lamps lines, but the inside of the booster cable is TongXin money when scrap buy, steal lawn lamp also just the shell, and the mud sell lamps management department repair is needed to put more money. On September 23 till November 16, urban line 32 times. In total stolen After the incident, the street lamp management department will report to public security department, and finally are disappear.
In past time hydrophilic corridor bright project eldcetrical wirting stolen situation is very serious, enshi "street lamp management staff to arrange 21 people all bright project for substation on September 22 at will is commit the crime huang NiuSong to the police station.
Street lamp management personnel introduction, because urban lighting engineering concerned range, and lamps management department of human limited, which give some outlaws, hoped relevant departments roumania clampdown, protect public facilities in urban.







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