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Cable is too long to move don't walk men caught stealing current

"If it weren't for too long, have been moved." 30 day morning, hubei pony in downtown riverside north road, because stealing cable cable is too long, on the other side pulls when, be a brigade police patrol carp city on the spot in custody.
30 9am xu, cyprinus city cop a brigade suddenly receives masses alarm call, someone in the open road near the bridge along riverside jiqing theft cables. Police immediately rushing to the scene, is there've tampered with the pony was captured, has more than 60 meters pony pumping out long cable, there is difficulty pulling. But police after inspection found pony marauding tool is only used a pair of very small screwdriver and a LaoHuQian. Subsequently, patrol take them linjiang city linan police station under investigation
At the police station, facing the police inquiries and reporter's interview, the colt appears very indifferent appearance: "say, want to close a few days earlier, anyway in early out." Originally, the colt this year is 21 years old, earlier this year in their hometown and parents fight, he alone came to quanzhou, with no id card, he did not work to the factory, but in quanzhou city by collecting garbage subsist, usually also have some petty theft, had previously because stealing something to eat by administrative detention 5 days.
30 day morning, he is quanzhou bridge near picking up trash, suddenly I heard a tricycle work tree: "at a young age, how don't go to make some flowers?" After hearing the pony, somewhat touches, usually found out LaoHuQian, screwdrivers and walked all the way along riverside north road, quick to shun jiqing near the bridge, he saw no one is on the prowl, he began to theft booster cable, due to thinking about how steal point, he pulled over 60 meters only after preparing the wire cut away, while there he cut cables, police arrested on the spot.
At present, the pony for theft cable was fined administrative detention 14 days of punishment.





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