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The thief stealing also "gan alarm can kill you"

Stealing afraid to be this time to recognize, he took the initiative to find this threat prohibit to report to the police. But the move has been detected the purpose of police narrowed the scope of investigation, rapidly converting its custody.
Nov. 23, existing economic development zone police received a report: minow minow village construction site in a high speed rail site cable stolen.
On this site told police flinging xu, he found a man drove a three-wheeled motorcycle theft site, getting ready to call the police cable when the man saw him. But let him strangely, the other party has no airline flight, but ran him to come. "Things (refers to cable) give you sent back, he can never alarm, if alarm I whole dead you!" Say that finish, the other is to replace the cable, ride on three rounds of motorcycle ran away.
We heard this situation after police analyze the man stealing cable was found, but no escape, but the wild directly find this language threat, explain this man with this understanding, fear may be recognized, so just threats.
Combining the man of this provides distinguishing features and dress, police judgment suspect probably is near site work of migrant workers, and can use three rounds of motorcycle convenient conditions.
Soon, the distance between the scene of crime only way another section of the site, the police found the 22-year-old shandong man li mou has crime conditions, this secretly identify, li mou is steal cable and threatened to the suspect.
Were summoned, li mou confessed, 23 zero is made, he rode the three rounds of motorcycle site boss down to high iron site theft booster cable more than 60 meters ($40 multivariate).
By this time after discovery, think of two site was very close, li mou afraid this time to recognize her, come forward to threaten this.
Thought is the area of this act exposed the own identity, are too clever to be wise, commit crime after less than a day will come out MoPai by police custody.







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