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"Cable thief" crazy crime spreading to thousands of people communication discontinuous 57 hours

In order to send dishonest gain, unexpectedly crazy DaoGe communication booster cable. ZuoAnZhe to meet the peoples, harm thousands of the total 57 hours interrupt communication. On November 26, henan KaiFengXian people's court to damage the public telecommunications facilities sentenced to imprisonment HouBaoLi defendants sin for eight years.
Court found: in 2006 July 1 night, the defendant HouBaoLi colluding with WangYanQi (already sentenced) by premeditated DaoGe China netcom company after KaiFengXian branch are using eight core black communication optical-fiber 102.9 meters, value 634 yuan, causing du liangxiang 304 user interrupt communication 18 hours. Then two people to flee to Abram drove open highway south along a village, KaiFengXian du liangxiang DaoGe kaifeng telecommunications companies are using 48 core black communication optical-fiber 59.75 meters, value $405, causing the company network communication between full range between local networks, communication interrupt 19 hours resistance. Later, the two men 2 July 2006 at 1 am when xu, drove to a village on the south west of high-speed culverts east side, will China netcom company KaiFengXian branch are using 24 core black communication optical-fiber lines cut three root, cause local 1951 households user interrupt communication 20 hours. 2010 July 16 HouBaoLi was caught.
Court thinks: the defendant HouBaoLi colluding with others vandalism is using public telecommunications facilities, and caused serious consequences, his behavior has constituted destroy public telecommunications facilities of sin. During the hearing, the defendant HouBaoLi confessed attitude is good, cbma is entitled to light punishment; The defendant HouBaoLi and WangYanQi mutual cooperation, common crime, effect is fairly, no prime culprit, accomplice the points. The court made the decision.







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