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Power supply departments "one-up" the cable

Recently, the reporter learns from the municipal power supply company, power supply company take early start, early implement, one month in advance, with the city living, timely communication to build bureau mastered key municipal engineering construction plan next year, understanding the construction contents, in order to ensure that the cable in complex construction conditions "survive unwounded however". This is also the company effectively prevent cable force damage of another step.
It is reported, the sun city congress is held earlier period, urban construction site, transportation facilities, municipal construction operations such as abrupt increases, the use of large construction machinery, making the Texas city booster cable faces the serious situation of the PinZao external damage. For this, city power supply company actively with district road management and tap water, gas, heat supply, gas and departments establish daily contact, the establishment and the large municipal engineering construction project information sharing, and know the municipal engineering construction, clear observe its key parts, and according to the construction of the specific time anticipating carefully arranged.
Sources from the municipal power supply company the production department of controller introduces, some time ago, when that thermal pipeline construction and 29 crossroads installation supervision communications lines deep buried installation, they understand promptly construction schemes and plans to prevent external damage cable measures put in place. In addition, the department also will be promptly master excavators special vehicle driver of the relevant information, and through sending safety tip SMS, sending safety inform books, the vehicle paste safety tip wait for means, make special operation pilot mastering electric safety knowledge. In working site, booster cable staff also issued special cable propaganda material, and in the construction site installation eye-catching nameplates, detailed instructions cable path, effectively prevents the external force damage occurs.







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