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Property cut cables user broken network

Broadband enterprise didn't pay the electricity bills, property "unbearable" under direct cut broadband booster cable, leading to the user broken network. Yesterday, live in the village of inhabitants eight tonghe lu calls reflected: "two make antinomy, loss of but is our users, all already broken network 3 days!"
Mr. Lu said, "he is a Great Wall broadband users, dec. 3, home suddenly broken network, Mr. Lu call Great Wall broadband service hotline ask them why, each other just to express in solving, did not specify a specific reason. Yesterday morning, Mr. Lu and find property information, property claims but to his surprise: "because of the Great Wall broadband without permission, without using public wire, property to find their manager interview, but the other side tardy doesn't show up, so property will cut cables."
Reporter by the user identity call Great Wall broadband salesman Chen, the other party, says affected few people, about 7 or 8 door. Because last month they forgot to pay the electricity bills, so would be broken network. "We and property signed the contract, pay expenses is the month of the day before yesterday, the manager has to make money, and other weekend after a, property electrician to work, can go to connected cable."







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