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Stolen end nipper charged cut cables worker busy alarm always stealing into picked up

A few days ago, a man is nonlocal covet petty profit, DaoGe are using cable, causing the surface, in cable thrum bare tremendous potential safety problems, and make the construction site power outage cannot normal construction. After receiving alarm, jinnan patrol (swat) detachment, NaHuanLu police substation quickly team to the scene and promptly eliminate hidden dangers and arrested the suspect.
Suspects in the lee is a shandong cadastral farmers, this year only 18 years old, 2009 to tianjin. And other foreign personnel is different, li mou without work on my own, but by petty deceptiveness. He gamin, full day is simply mess, as long as it is can feel the hand of things, whether it is useful, value, uniform size accept according to the order.
This year in January, li mou for theft was jinnan court sentenced the criminal detention 4 months, after coming out, he always, still persist. On November 2, 13 when xu, penniless li mou arrived at the town of salt water reinvesting a building construction sites, to steal something money flower. He saw a root of more than 200 meters of black cable, a pick up in transformer and the other end up in the operation of the mixer. No sense of li mou with carry-on end nipper in cable in the middle section cut long approximately 40 meters of a paragraph. See connection of transformer in risking a Mars, li mou wasn't aware that themselves and others life has threatened, still pack cut down the cable, ready to take for money. At this time, under construction workers found and alarm. Received alarm hind, jinnan patrol (swat) detachment, NaHuanLu police substation police promptly rushed to the scene, and exclude the danger suspect li mou caught.
To judge li mou in the process of its DaoGe charged booster cable to yourself about the dangers of wholly ignorant, confessed repeatedly at construction site theft wire, steel, window of model steel door and stuff. What is more, li mou crime of wire cutters, with a screwdriver even get stolen goods handbag is stolen. Now li mou has been jinnan police criminal detention.







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