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Show the love with handmade valentines‎

Jewelry craft

Asian-inspired octagon metal pieces by Blue Moon Beads. I found mine in Joann's Fabrics.

Small multicolored seed beads

Hot glue gun

1 shallow box (big enough to place metal piece in with beads)

Tiny colorful shells (purchased at craft stores in the glassware department)

Clear acrylic spray (optional)

A pin backing or bale and ribbon or chain to make a necklace

Make sure your glue gun is on the hottest setting, with clear glue sticks.

Attach the pin on the back of the metal piece or the bale and ribbon before decorating the octagon. Put seed beads in a cardboard box and coat one side of the metal octagon (or other shape) with the hot glue. Place the octagon glue side down into the box with the beads and press down. Shake off excess. You can also hot-glue tiny shells on top. When the glue is solidified and cool, spray the piece with clear acrylic sealer in a well-ventilated area. Let it dry overnight.

Traditional Sailor Valentine

Thick cardboard, paper plate or octagon-shaped paper plate found at a party store. You can also use a plate purchased at a thrift store.

Decorative paper (optional), hot glue, glue gun, beans and shells

Draw an octagon on a piece of heavy cardboard and cut it out, or use a round or octagonally-shaped paper plate. To make the paper plate less flimsy, glue a few together. Glue decorative paper on a plain plate.

Starting in the center, begin gluing shells and uncooked beans to the octagon. Keep your design symmetrical. You don't need to cover the entire surface, as the decorative paper will show through any gaps. Dry completely overnight.

Glue a magnet or picture hook to the back to hang your valentine. You can also use a plate holder to display it on a wall or table. Write a short message on your octagon and plan your design around it. Clean found shells completely before use. Amy's suggestion: If you don't have shells, use various shaped buttons or polished sea glass and rocks. Adult supervision may be needed for glue and sharp objects.



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