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Thrifty Easter crafts

Tissue paper bunnies and chicks:

1. Layer a few sheets of yellow tissue paper
2. Cut the yellow tissue paper into quarters, so you have four 12" squares
3. Place a small handful of Easter grass into the center of a square of tissue paper
4. Place your favorite Easter treats or jelly beans in the center of the Easter grass
5. Pull the corners of the tissue paper up around the grass and the treats, and gather the corners and the edges together
6. Wrap a piece of yellow pipe cleaner around the tissue paper, just above where the jelly beans and Easter grass are held. Fan out the remaining edges above the pipe cleaner to make the fuzz on top of the Chick's head
7. Use a hot glue gun (with adult supervision) to add the googly eyes to make the Chick's face.
8. Cut a small diamond shape from the orange card stock and fold it in half to make the Chick's beak
9. Glue the beak to the Chick's face below the eyes




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