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Custom couture frames

Revamping a plain photo frame with fabric is easier than it looks. You can create a custom boutique-style frame in under two hours. When designing your frame, use fabric and embellishments that blend with your decor to create a custom look.

For this project, you will only need a few simple supplies, including a small square of fabric. Look for frames that are smooth on the top surface. If the frame is painted or printed, a quick coat of primer will turn the frame to a neutral color.

Decorator fabrics are perfect for this project. They are generally of heavier weight than shirt-weight cottons, and they work well with Mod Podge.

Scrap ribbons, silk flowers, found objects, buttons or rhinestones are perfect materials for embellishing the frame. Color coordinate the embellishments to the fabric.

After making one frame, I know you will be hooked and ready to make more. The frames are wonderful gifts for friends and family, and your efforts will be cherished.


Simple wood frame -- 8 by 10 inches

Medium to heavyweight fabric

Mod Podge Fabric

Foam paintbrushes


hot glue gun helpers

Hot glue gun and sticks

Ribbons and trims

Silk flower petals

Buttons or gemstones

To Make:

1. Remove the center and post from the frame. Measure around the frame and add 4 inches to each measurement. Cut a piece of fabric to the determined measurement. Place the fabric upside down on your work surface.

2. Apply a coat of fabric Mod Podge to the top of the frame. Place the frame in the center of the fabric. Flip over and smooth the fabric with your finger.

3. Working on the backside of the frame, apply Mod Podge to each corner. Flip the fabric corners back and press into the Mod Podge. Next, apply Mod Podge along the edges, flip the edge fabrics to the backside and press into the Mod Podge. Allow to dry.

4. Using scissors, cut an "X" in the center of the fabric in the frame (where the picture goes). Cut from corner to corner. Apply Mod Podge to the backside of the frame around the opening, bring the cut flaps to the backside and press into the Mod Podge. Allow to dry.

5. Decorate the frame with hot glue. Use hot glue gun helpers to help prevent burns when applying embellishments. Hot-glue ribbon around the outer and inner edges, apply a silk flower petal to the corner of the frame and hot-glue a button in the center of the flower.




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