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Glue Guns
Hot melt glue gun, breaking with the precise effect of a variety of nozzles, which can meet the requirements of different production lines, the unique filter design is conducive to cleaning and so on.  The glue gun is generally long use at 300 ℃ high temperature deformation does not occur, durable joints. So hot melt adhesive machine widely used in electronics plants, food plants, packaging plants, such as hot melt adhesive of the adhesive products.

Automatic gun to make up deficiencies, to meet the needs of mobile use gun shell made of imported materials, can withstand 300 ℃ high temperature, high temperature to ensure long use of the state is not deformed, and Barrel, light weight, convenient and flexible operation.  Unique brace designed to prevent accidental burns when the operator work; universal joint combination of Europe's advanced technology, flexible operation, durable; spiral, stripe, dot, spray adhesive fibrous variety of ways, can be for different industries of a number of options




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