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Siemens home appliances under the altar forced
Siemens home appliances under the altar forced, perhaps, following Whirlpool and Electrolux were later pushed out of a foreign home appliance brands. Of course, Siemens is not so easy to kill, it dominated a considerable market share, but it is no longer so high above. However, the position is likely to loose all the bad luck of the beginning ...

Siemens home appliances over the superiority

Suning stores in the United States, each major bargains are rare figure Siemens, and other brand-name suppliers must implement the approach system Gome, Suning, and Siemens but they can after the first shipment, the mighty large chain to see the blink of an eye. Often industry of foreign ground, Whirlpool and Electrolux meal will severely criticized when they did not forget to blame as booster cable the parent education as a child added words: "You look at people of Siemens." With the Chinese people's respect for German rigor, Siemens home appliances have become quasi-high-income and high income groups as advertised, highlight the wealth of tools. Over the years, Siemens get all everything, "sell very easily."

Lack of innovative power of Siemens home appliances and substantive innovation

China's home appliance market has entered a fast update times, regardless of color or an empty refrigerator, washing machine in kitchen and a small electric maintained at least once a year a new new frequency, and color TV products is being pushed to the intensity of competition in the market according to glue gun a new season. But we rarely see the new Siemens appliance, or is that sense of the new material. Siemens Home Appliances R & D and innovation rate was significantly lower than peer competitors, and even some domestic brands.

Siemens is currently the flagship of the technology is still "0 degree preservation", in 2003, this technology has been popular in China's refrigerator market, Siemens has been in use ever since, and as the biggest selling point to promote. The "0 degrees preservation" Now is not a unique to Siemens, even in the domestic refrigerator's efforts, there have been more than "0 degree preservation" technology. Siemens recently introduced cross-variable temperature zone technology have long been in the refrigerator industry is very mature technology.

China drum washing machine market in 2010 appeared on an intruder, that is the United States to completely break the 1,499 yuan price of the inherent stability of the drum washing machine market, quiet, and the original order. U.S. price war forced many brands and even brands to follow up a joint venture, of which most attention is the Siemens washing machines, across the board battery clip cut of 5% - 20%, the magnitude of the uproar in the industry. If the company did not need the product enough confidence in price wars, such as Haier Washing Machine does not follow the price cuts, analysts say its brand, technology, the comprehensive development of the industry chain. The Siemens approach has clearly exposed the problem of insufficient force, on the one hand the United States fear that the price rising star sight of blood, there is no technical support can only follow-up price; the other hand, has not seen the strength of Siemens and so Haier enterprises compared.

In addition to refrigerators and washing machines, Siemens home appliances will be betting on the other "embedded" mode to build a whole kitchen. Admittedly this will be the future direction of development of a kitchen appliance, but it is subject to factors that are more real estate conditions, the target consumer groups sharply from the previous contraction to the social elite popular crowd, and the layout of the entire product from the point of view seems to Siemens intention downward. Siemens seems to want to do kitchen electric sector of the LV, but Siemens embedded kitchen is not original, many domestic enterprises and even took aim at the cottage are not yet set up a standard piece of the market, not to mention in this magical land of China , LV also was carrying a can filled with the bus and subway crowd, what does this mean, you know!

Siemens is not a pure sense of the appliance business

Of course, Siemens has never defined themselves as home appliances business, which is an electrical engineering and electronics and world-class companies, home appliance is only part of it, and now this part is narrowing narrowing is further reduced. It just took office near Siemens North East Asia CEO, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. in Beijing, Mei Wei Cheng, president and CEO of the media hot glue gun communication was revealed that he took office, Siemens in China's growth target is about twice the growth rate of China's GDP . In Mei Wei Cheng, future Siemens in industrial, energy, health care solutions for three more areas, which is Siemens' three main areas. The appliance business is a subsidiary of industrial group Siemens, Siemens Group can only contribute about 4.85% of the performance, and the area falling in recent years in the state.

Siemens home appliances to be forced under the altar

Appliance will not as a main company, you can count on him to how many resources tend to appliances. According to historical records, in 1967 Siemens and Robert Bosch GmbH BSH Home Appliances Corporation was established into the manufacturing of white goods, household appliances alone involved, and the company's main business is information and communications, automation and control, electricity, transportation, medical systems and lighting. The company has a strong technical background can certainly easy on the 1950s and 1960s to become the leading brand in home appliances manufacturing, but now the consumer electronics market and had not a few decades ago in the same breath, badly beaten win professional household electrical appliance enterprises have already , but the appliance as a subsidiary of the Company has no energy, capacity is also no need to stay, such as Philips, another example of GE. Siemens appliances may go with the Philips and GE the same way, and now the altar is just the beginning.

Since the global home appliances manufacturing base has been moved to China, then it can not continue to retain the original king. Whirlpool, Electrolux, Sanyo have defeated China, Siemens lucky if twenty years, so now it's luck running out. With the rise of Chinese home appliance enterprises, they can be in talent, technology, brand, size and foreign fight a protracted war, they one by one in the air-conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. occupy the domestic market products targeting the global market initiative and then the throne. Global home appliance market is now dominated by Japan and South Korea, U.S. and European companies have been gradually retreat. If you do not have Haier, Midea, no Samsung, LG, Siemens might be able to seat firmly secured, however, Siemens home appliances from now on can no longer sit back and relax.

"When we enter the Chinese market and found all of the refrigerator are green skin, so we have a white fridge, the results are selling particularly fire, then we regard the refrigerator made of white, so we again changed to silver fridge  was so easy to describe and easy. It is information-poor in China, the era of scarce resources, Siemens with the trend of foreign cast the image of their glorious tall. However, things are different now, the Chinese market has already undergone enormous change, the world's home appliances constitute Army is no longer a few of the old, if Electrolux and Whirlpool to blame the failure of management, then the more recent International Consumer Electronics giants out and explain what, Siemens can escape their footsteps it?
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