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Amorphous transformer industry development needs to be further promoted

    Nearly two years, the amorphous transformer as a subdivision of transformer products, because of its good performance is extensive attention. The amorphous transformer no-load loss and idle current than silicon steel iron core transformer were down 80% and 85%, and can be widely used in rural power grid. Although can hang nets can save in high electricity bills, but because a few years ago the price is expensive, application promotion effect is not good.

    Overall, our country amorphous transformer glue gun industry has a production from strips to iron core processing to amorphous transformer production a complete industry chain, in the technical got rapid progress, with Shanghai believe is absolutely leading electric, its market share up to 80-90%. From the enterprise volume, our country amorphous transformer production enterprise quantity is less, mainly has incredible electrical, Beijing branch sharp, antai science and technology, the special electrical, tianwei the change, the jiangsu huapeng, change especially electrician, hangzhou qianjiang electric group, etc. Points area to see, amorphous transformer market concentration is higher, mainly concentrated in the east China area. In addition, north China and south China areas production enterprise.

    ShangPu advisory machinery industry battery clip analysts pointed out, amorphous strip is the production of amorphous transformer of the key materials. Because the production technology of amorphous strips the demand is higher, the domestic only antai science and technology a production of amorphous material, not for amorphous transformer production provide enough raw materials. In addition, amorphous alloy transformer core design and manufacturing also exist on the higher technical barriers, domestic enterprises to enter this industry, face greater risk into. In addition, amorphous transformer sales area has certain limitation, main focus on Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and other regions installation.

    According to ShangPu consulting released the hot glue gun 2011 China all kinds of electric power transformer market research report points out, China's amorphous transformer industry has a very bright future. November 16, 2011 suspended nearly 3 months confidence electrical resumed brand, electrical science institute SGC shareholder believe electric, become the first big shareholders believe electrical, the move will benefit our country amorphous transformer industry development.



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