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Rural electrification promoting the new development

      The end, the provincial development and reform commission, the provincial power corporation composed of new rural electrification county and the assessment team all the construction of new rural electrification construction optimization county work evaluation acceptance. KaoHeZu into the county village, WenGuCun, CAI crawford home village, GuoXinZhuang, JiangZhuangDeng seven village field assessment, and to the peasant household in home detailed understanding of electrification construction bring benefits. And decided the county has reached new rural electrification county standard, thus become the first electrification county.

      So, rural electrification can give the people what to bring benefits in rural development, and the development of what has changed? glue gun December 22,, the reporter in-depth village, peasant household in home for an exclusive interview.

      Changes in the village electrification

      Optimization of township in two WenGuCun, reporters looking into the distance, but see straight rows of the pole stand at the village north street and aerial insulation line very neat, and under a list box line sets lined and orderly; In XingZhuangXiang crawford village and guo XinZhuangCun, in front of the green and neat to the back of the line after the transformation in photograph reflect, after the transformation of rural power grid becomes the new rural mental outlook of a beautiful scenery line.

      Mention implementation of the construction of the rural electrification before and after every GuoShuangBin crawford party said: "a year ago, the village of wire and thin and worn, transformer capacity, and not only small or two village a power outage, wind and rain is commonplace, the villagers dare not use 'everyone's electricity'. Well now, electricity with enough, in the village of wood processing buzz, many villagers home still new, acquired in air conditioning computer, refrigerator, electric heaters, rural electrification construction is really for farmers brought substantial benefit to......"

      Xu paragraphs of small village crawford home a year ago just new cover the small building of beautiful, the reporter sees, his home solar energy water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, computer, electric heaters and other home appliances all available rooms. Xu small sections to tell a reporter, the household appliances most is after the reform of electrified acquire, transformation of the former don't use, is home from work to electric cars a electric charge, to bear the load, a time to cook every family induction cooker a open, absolute power...... Well now, voltage stability, never trip over and over again. In the national electrical appliances countryside policy stimulating, the villagers have bought big home appliance product, also do not need to be sorrow electricity problem......

      In the village of wood processing battery clip business of soho boss GuoJianJun also told a reporter, because voltage instability, poor quality of power supply, peak in the daytime, often for reasons affecting normal production load, causing the output is too low, the production cost too much of the situation. At the time of the village of wood processing boss is the agreed time for processing, if also has two production factory, power is very nervous, that want to expand the scale of production, but because power nervous, ideas have been stranded...... Now well, electrification let village used the enough electricity, rest assured electricity, wood processing factory production up unimpeded......

      Rural electrification construction works well

      Rural electrification and the new rural construction is an important part of agricultural modernization. Optimization power supply bureau leadership, more attention to speed up new rural electrification construction step into the speed up power grid development, service to the construction of new countryside in the overall work to consider, increasing investment dynamics, speed up the construction of the pace, and achieved good effect.

      At present, the county accumulatively investment more than 1500 yuan to build the electrification township 11, electrification of village 329. The village electrification of 63% of the total number of administrative villages. ZhuangTouXiang, CaiZhuang town, Chen township three electrification township 148 village all electrified, all engineering investment of 8 million yuan.

      Through the new rural electrification construction, hot glue gun the county town power lines and equipment electrification has been greatly improved, which guarantee the safe and reliable power supply, effectively support the rural construction and economic development, and the effective implementation of the "new countryside and new power, new service" the goal, enormously promoted the people and the government, the mass and the enterprise, the enterprise and the relationship between the government and up to the customer satisfaction, the government trust, for the new rural construction laid solid foundation.

      Power supply bureau chief ChenLiYou optimization to tell a reporter, at present, the county village electrification construction real let people see a real affordable, power supply departments will be around "intention to service" purposes, and gradually to each shipment built quality engineering.






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