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Electrification village distribution network, the villagers live a transformation of city life

      "Previously, dozen meters to choose at night when you don't use electricity, because electricity shortage machine can't lift, now good, can always play..." "Living well, buy back of electrical appliances can't use, glue gun not for quality, but insufficient power with fixed, now, we use casually village finally really into" modernization "......." December 28, 2011, the reporter comes to town DanLengXian zhang JinXia village, say to the new rural electrification village distribution network, the benefits of reform, the villagers have penned classic.

      "Before, even if the power is enough, my electric equipment such as refrigerators and washing machines are not used at the same time; now, whether the refrigerator or washing machine, can with......." battery clip The villagers YeZhi group 8 Ming side said with a laugh, while the washing machine open shows to reporters look.

      According to the secretary of WangGuoChao counting introduces, new rural electrification village distribution network to the quality of life of the transformation was enhanced by the welcome. hot glue gun This transformation has six group in the planning area, there have been two group completed and put into use. At present, the electric power construction workers are working overtime and strive for the villagers during the Spring Festival electricity pillow.







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