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Pneumatic tools will into hardware industry a star of the future

      For a long time, electric tools have been yongkang hardware industry product of the landmark. With its excellent controlling and practical, and compared with hand tools greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and realize mechanization of manual operation, and low cost than pneumatic tools and easy to control. But along with the development of society, the progress of The Times, the science and technology innovation, pneumatic tools are gradually become the hardware industry of a star of the future.

      The sale of Chinese science and technology as the nation's largest hardware professional market, including the national and global of various kinds of hardware products. glue gun And in this class is various, competitive market inside, engaged in pneumatic tools business of shops in the number is gradually rising up, show that the pneumatic tools product has considerable development future and the superior market environment.

      From 1996 to the field in hardware city business area, three sword tools Co., LTD of sales department HuMou, has five jincheng together with the sixteen years through ups. From the beginning in hardware south road single shop sales of electric tools and abrasive abrasive, to now in areas within three YingYeFang between rented market operating pneumatic tools products, make the Marketing Department take shape. According to information, HuMou began in 2000 turned do pneumatic tools business, is also a hardware city the first field sales to nail a gun products manage door. battery clip At present, the Marketing Department mainly operating the "SanYu" and "big name" the two independent brand of the trachea and joint and blowing dust gun, and agents such as all kinds of other guns when ningbo brand pneumatic tools and spare parts.

      Speaking of why pneumatic tools prospect is considerable, HuMou to reporters analysis of the reason. First of all in the working ability, pneumatic tools for the operation of the valve handle through and adjust the regulator can is very simple, and the range of rotation speed can provide more levels of choice, in the same output power, compared with power tools small lightweight, pneumatic tools more suitable for a long time to work, and won't appear the heating phenomenon, and even if the compressed air engine happen overload phenomenon, tools just stop, hot glue gun the once overload phenomenon is restore normal termination operation. Second environment applicable ability, pneumatic tools water resistance stronger. Although immersion of tools harmful, but not like electric tools may electric rods, cause harm. And because the pneumatic tools can use internal combustion engine air pump, can adapt to all kinds of bad or bad environment. Finally in the economic aspect, power tool the initial investment is low, but the long-term use of energy consumption is higher, and tool repair, replacement cost is higher also. Pneumatic tools the initial investment need to build an empty piping equipment, but use for a long time in the energy consumption and maintenance tools on low cost.








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