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Power QiangXiuDui lit wanjiadenghuo attentively

        Have such a team, no matter cold summer, by day and by night, in the streets and lanes, can always see them through the scene. No matter how urgent and difficult, risks, heavy repair mission, they can always go all out, trying to send for the masses to light, they are QiangXiuDui power failure. In the Spring Festival gathering day, power repair workers give up festival days, silent held the job post, to send to thousands of light.
        LiuKui tianchang city in power supply company work for 12 years, every year Spring Festival holidays are his most busy time, in order to guarantee the normal people power, he and his colleagues need 24 hours turn on each other. On New Year's day 1:30 or so, just busy to repair the task LiuKuiCai and sat down to eat a hot food, rush of the telephone began again, LiuKui know and new tasks, need to set out immediately.
Received the report calls, LiuKui left hand bowl chopsticks, wear safety helmet and another colleague into the new emergency repair of the task. On the way he tells a reporter, a hospital in tianchang city near the hotel open user home suddenly have a power fail, can't normal business. Colleagues open car, glue gun LiuKui was in the car with the tools to check.
        Less than 15 minutes, we arrived in repair service site. The hotel is a second house, the house in a dark and come to have a meal of the customer has begun to leave. Manage door ShenXiaoYan said, more than 1 point she is in the kitchen cooking, suddenly the lights all put out, the power to let his business law.
        LiuKui with a flashlight to blackout fault testing found that the hotel of wire laying in a wall inside conduit below, the circuit inside the aging lead to burn, short circuit broken wires.
        The hotel is the wires of the society on the water electrician laid, generally appear condition needs to maintain, merchant can repair water electrician. Hotel manage door ShenXiaoYan said they also tried to find, but during the Chinese New Year can't find one door to door service, and the shops close,battery clip  even bought wire. In order to let the store timely power supply business normally, LiuKui they seek to wire a temporary circuit, with nearly 20 minutes of repair, circuit back to normal, lights to light up again.
        But LiuKui said, because in the first house circuit when laid is not standard, it is easy to appear again, manage door or the owner of the house as soon as possible to find the wall with open, will circuit repaved, ensure that electric safety.
        After the user of the circuit to repair, LiuKui and and colleagues returned to the post, hurriedly lifted again has cold food, big eat up, because you do not know all the way down to repair when the phone rang again.
        In fact, the reporter follow this time repair only during the Spring Festival power players in the work of repair a miniature. During the Chinese New Year, they get a lot of repair phone, sometimes hurried to the scene to find just a small trip, etc, but LiuKui said, even know may be citizens of the house of their problem, but did not check the could not be judge.
        Before departure from do a safety check in time to 95598, tool report of the time and place arrived in repair fault reason,hot glue gun  to clear task division of labor, please sign of customer's power, every procedure, emergency repair personnel are strictly implemented. During the Spring Festival, electric power QiangXiuDui staff put light and warm to others, they work in this ordinary post, work hard and offer silently, diligently lit the lights of the city.







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