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Schneider electric: condensed wisdom innovation of the future

        Schneider electric China President Mr. ZhuHai has said: "the thought of China with the innovation, innovation by the practice of China, remit innovation of change, this is the promotion of China's power schneider electric development in China root".

        For schneider electric industrial division for, the key of innovation is simplified. How to make the system design lets the user operation more convenient, maintenance easier, developing more simple, upgrade more convenient to the whole industry is the core of innovation. So not only in technology, in business also need the essence of innovation. With the continuous development of the Chinese automation market and development, customer demand is also gradually become complexity and diversity, schneider electric localization of production in China, and the research and development results can greatly satisfy the needs of the user, and into the global product platform for customers around the world with China's original projects for reference. Schneider electric factory solutions business senior vice President, glue gun industrial division chief technical officer Cyril Perducat sir added: "schneider electric industrial divisions of the r&d center is located in Shanghai, is in order to meet the needs of the user, more Chinese zero distance service the Chinese users in China. We are specializing in product innovation and development team to listen to customer demand, the concept of design prototype from until the final product, always throughout concept of innovation. With the innovation of automation solutions help customers optimize energy management, improve energy efficiency, this also agree with the future of energy saving of the China's industrial economic development goals."

        Innovative products is the basis of innovative automation solutions, from control technology, monitoring software, man-machine interface to power transmission products, schneider electric for many years have been engaged in product innovation, and continuously enhance the development strength, develop high quality, low cost, satisfying the needs of customers the first-class quality products. In this, Mr. Cyril Perducat cite examples: "say to innovation, we have to mention, it is EcoStruxure schneider electric current launched a set of energy efficiency management structure system, the product will border-crossing integration to unity under the system architecture, including hardware, software, upper monitor network architecture, etc. Whether building automation or process industries energy management, EcoStruxure unified framework system can ensure that each subsystem realize seamless integration."

        The requirements of customer is the driving force for schneider electric innovative, how to better attend customer demand process, even prospectively exceed customer demand is the starting point of the product research and development. Schneider electric innovative research and development department of the working content mainly includes two aspects: the existing product updates, and the development of the new platform. In the development of earnings, will think more about the coming 5 ~ 10 years the benefit to the user, and at the same time, balance the long-term, medium-term and short-term return, and constantly increasing product r&d investment. "Any new platform, we will be launched to provide the corresponding tools and software to realize the existing customer investment, which can effectively protect the smooth transition to a new system and platform. Therefore, battery clip schneider electric future planning the research and development of product of line, will always protect the customer, continue to enjoy the new system brought about by the added value. According to different users of the industry specific demand, we may even invited systems integrators, partners and end users to participate in new product development development planning," said Mr. Cyril Perducat in product research and development planning future schneider said.

        As to how to motivate their innovation consciousness, Cyril Perducat, "said Mr Innovation thought itself from the interpersonal communication and communication, in this process will give off an innovative sparks. In the world of 'schneider Edison plans' is to encourage the spirit of innovation, and innovation in synergies with organic combination, no fixed standard and standard of teamwork continuously rub out new spark the feasibility of these ideas, analysis, to make it a reality, really into practice. Therefore,' innovation 'must break the inherent thinking and the inertia effect, need is not only a stream of courage, and a persistent effort."

        At present, Chinese OEM mechanical equipment manufacturers to high-end equipment manufacturing industry facing the problem of transition, in the process, schneider electric as automation solution experts, MachineStruxure machine automation platform can help to realize industry upgrading OEM, from product design, project development to the after-sales service, improve OEM level, and with the international community. Not only in the Chinese market, and to global OEM customers, schneider electric out of joint design model, in the design stage and OEM customer common process design and the transformation, the whole structure system further optimization. Schneider electric is the core concept for mechanical equipment manufacturers or factory consumers with more added value, in the whole project life cycle of different stages of the added value and provide additional service. At the same time, how to help customers optimize the energy structure, enhance energy efficiency of industrial innovation and snyder is closely linked, is to optimize the direction of the development of energy management strategic transformation.

        Speaking with China the OEM cooperation, Cyril Perducat, "said Mr Chinese OEM developed rapidly, and the technology is more and more advanced, the function is more and more complex, schneider electric innovative products and the technical platform to meet its growing demand. At present, China not only focus on the domestic market, OEM more and more, market development to global, snyder global network service system to help customers to realize localization service, local engineers can effectively solve the customer service and technical problems." hot glue gun In addition, with the passage of time, schneider electric to consider the new products, new system of smooth excessive, ensure that all the development of new products and systems, no matter the hardware and the software or architecture, can talk to existing product compatibility, or provide upgrade kit to help users to upgrade the system.

        In 2007, schneider join ODVA organization (open equipment engineering business networks association), aims to contribute to (Modbus/TCP) and (Ethernet/IP) technology integration, make the two user groups can have more choices. As the group's main one of the members, snyder is committed to Europe, Asia Pacific region Ethernet technology promotion and standards, and in the protection for investment, and on the basis of providing more flexible choice.








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