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Schneider electric power China build strong intelligent power grid

      March 11, 2011, the global energy efficiency management experts schneider electric has held in Beijing to attend the 2011 China smart grid exposition and intelligent network conference, and the conference entitled "we to the intelligence of the development of the power grid solutions: from flexible power distribution network to intelligent user theme of speech, smart grid of the future development trends and schneider electric power grid technology in the intelligence of the solutions and achievements of, and government officials at the conference, glue gun electric power, as well as experts the professionals to share. "1025" period of China construction intelligent power grid is the key, schneider electric power grid in intelligent technology research and practical achievements of the needs of the time just to.

      Schneider electric global intelligence network strategy vice President ScottHenneberry said: "at present, a new round of world energy change has started, the developed western countries and China has put forward to develop intelligent power network, intelligent has become a world power at present the new trend of development of intelligent power grid. The core technology of the digital power grid is distributing energy system, information, home appliance and energy storage type hybrid vehicles. As a global energy efficiency management experts, battery clip schneider electric after years of practice and innovative research and application in renewable energy, intelligent power distribution, intelligent residential, efficient enterprise and demand side response and the management and so on several big field has been fruitful achievements have been made and rich practical experience, in order to participate in the construction of Chinese intelligent power grid well prepared."

      With the world leading technology and years of practice experience, schneider electric power grid in intelligence field has little achievements, including actively involved in a national power grid power distribution automation demonstration project, provide the intelligence a power distribution equipment, power distribution automation, key products and solutions. For the emperor bright sun valley park provides the electric car battery charging station system, and to realize the information into the station of the monitor system of. At the same time, hot glue gun schneider electric power supply company also participate in the Beijing intelligent power grid project a shunyi villa intelligent residential projects, for this project provides including new energy smart power generation systems, power supply micro nets management system, power management systems and intelligent household system intelligent residential solutions, get the wide recognition.








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