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Pilot project comprehensive online home appliance supply and demand realize seamless docking

On December 1, the high-profile "gome group pilot ERP information system implementation, successful release ceremony" held in tianjin. From the Chinese electrical appliances association, China chain management association, Chinese consumer society and famous domestic and foreign manufacturers and all over the country media representatives, common witness this historical moment.
Release the ceremony, gome formally announced: pilot ERP information system nationwide one-time online operation success, and with suppliers the signing in the information management platform for sharing.
According to information, gome ERP Leader pilot project is by the world number one ERP software vendors SAP and the world's most retail management and IT service implementation experience of HP jointly forging. The new system is constructed hot glue gun from consumers to gome retailers to all the suppliers, all-round, the process of the system of management, and groundbreaking realized the accounting to store, management to single product, performance to individual, the entire product distribution process in a glance, become the important fine management operation gome model tool, each link of the whole industry chain close cohesion play a crucial role.
As is known to all, at present the gome in more than 1500 stores throughout the country, more than 400 cities, the group has more than 200000 employees, and different suppliers home tens, hundreds of thousands of contract, this dimension for gome ERP project, it is a very big challenge, complexity and difficulty cans be imagined.
To this, the project implementation party HP revealed, the gome online information system project ERP pilot is the most extensive coverage of the function, the highest degree complex and functions, full participation in the highest shortest, one-time online successful ERP project model. As soon as possible in order to promote information construction, the supply chain seamless docking, gome and hewlett-packard, SAP co-operation, and eventually create so far in the field most advanced, the most large circulation information platform.
According to the country MouGui first introduces vice President, the country the ERP construction contains from business to finance, logistics, after-sale, HR, CRM and overall budget, and other aspects, all business management involves the country booster cable the details are in the new system had complete reflect, this in the industry is rare. More important is the new ERP into fine management gene, management segment to store, and every product sales and profits management.
In addition, gome ERP system paying more attention to the consumer experience. Such as logistics, the new system, logistics and distribution of the time window management. If consumers buy need and distribution of the goods, in store just through the system selected delivery time they can enjoy to the highly effective, on time delivery service.
China chain-like management association leader points out, China's household electrical appliance industry chain is still has many problems, such asjumper cable contradiction is prominent, the operation mode of the backward, gross margin low and so on, especially now retail enterprise also most stay in ground and supplier management and part of the commodity business stage, from the nature of the business. In the current state, expanding domestic demand, the growth of the structure and the new industry development situation, at the request of China's household electrical appliance industry chain had to return to commercial essence, realize from the field, suppliers operation to goods and customer because of change completely. Gome new information system to realize the core consumer demand orientation, to overall focus onmini glue gun consumer experience change, will be a focus on the industry think about retail chain operation modes of the essence of the landmark events.