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Life common sense must remember that

Nowadays, more and more Chinese students choose to study in Singapore, every place has a unique way of life, students need to face the basic necessities and so on various aspects of the challenge.
How to search for accommodation? How to find homes? ...... In addition, legal system in also has many problems that should be paid attention to, or be careful "prostrate"! According to these, Singapore education unionexperts teach you how to deal with them.
Accommodation: early found early preparation
Many of the families are willing to Singapore local open door, for overseas students to provide comprehensive boarding service. Family boarding plan aims to students' life and development for provide good environment, make a warm environment, can enjoy home the same atmosphere, let them in no parents, still can get from temporary guardian care and emotional support, feel the warmth of home, experience deeply concern. In addition, there are a host family can also provide academic course guidance. But, what need reminds is, thesmall glue gun choice of family boarding students have to can adapt to the family life rhythm, if want to according to their own habits free life, should choose carefully.
At public universities for the international students, national university of Singapore, nanyang technological university and university of Singapore management the three public universities offer students' dormitory is very limited, but the school will give students the right priority application. They consider their circumstances, apply for a single living or share with others. The dormitory has a restaurant, have dinner pay separately.
For small international students, boarding school is a good choice. Singapore's boarding school usually only to 13-19 years old middle school student or junior college students open, usually on the parents and students personally seen, then decided whether checked in. Services including accommodation, dining, laundry and entertainment facilities. Betweenhot melt glue gun you muscles, be helpful for young students into the local environment as soon as possible. Usually, a boarding school fees for each academic year 8000-s $15000. Need to pay attention to rent a house, you'd better find their shares familiar friend, rent a house must sign a contract, agreement must be clear in the rent, water, and electricity charges. If through the intermediary looking for a house, still need to pay property intermediary, the equivalent of a month's rent. Rent deposit, general is a month rent, if you want to check out (move) are required to give a month's notice the landlord, otherwise not refund of the deposit.
To pack: take the summer clothes
Singapore is a tropical rainforest climate, the whole year warm and wet, the perennial temperature in 24 �?32 �?between, suggest take summer clothing. In addition, students can choose to take some jacket or sport coat, in a cold air conditioning room warm, to take a good shirt, tie, trousers and leather shoes, for a formal occasion.
Singapore is very cheap imports small electrical appliances, walkman, CD players, camera, computer accessories, and other best buy in Singapore. Drugs can take some cold drugs, rhizoma coptidis in qing pill, spiramycin (the toothache), dermatitis flat (put to bug bit), antibiotics, etc. If there are other conventional tonic, also can bring right amount, but don't take Chinese herbal medicine (can take medicine), so that through the customs in trouble.
Traffic: with eton card is preferential
Everywhere in Singapore by public transportation, can use cash or eton Card (EZ-link Card) to pay the fare, with eton Card on traffic tools can also enjoy aheat glue gun price discount. Students monthly transportation s $100 or so. Note that Singapore's bus and subway are segmentation charge, the students to use the eton card on, in the bus and under the bus, or into the subway station and take a subway station clock, record fee.
Leave: higher attendance
Singapore immigration hall requirement of lecture attendance can't students per month less than 90%, otherwise will lead to visa renewals was rejected. Students in the study period such as due to illness need to leave and to the school to the dean application, and provide regular doctor of single issue sick leave, get the rights to have the leave. Any off or home more than 60 days, in the student visa expires must to Singapore immigration hall to submit application.
The law: life common sense must remember that
Singapore on "torture" say, until now still has "a chaperone" the classic criminal law. Strict legislation was made for Singapore stable social order and the people of good behaviour.
Singapore public colleges and universities of full-time students have a more than 16 hours of work time. Private school students are not allowed to work. In addition, drug abuse in Singapore is a serious crime, it is prohibited to illegally selling anesthetic drugs and psychiatric drugs. Marijuana and drug is a felony. Anyone holding, conceals or ignite high-risk off firecrackers, fireworks, highest can face two years in prison and a fine of s $5000.
In indoor public places, including public transport, cinemas, theaters, museums, libraries, shopping malls, supermarkets, Sharon government offices, etc are not allowed to smoke. In a bar, discos, KTV entertainment such as also only in special smoking room. Offenders will be fined up of s $1000 fine.