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2012 yinchuan "two" representatives presence

People's congress to represent the elegant demeanour
WangJianNing often go down "sit"
"National People's Congress shall represent the interests of the voters, and maintenance, will be in the constituency in the views of the masses, demand, desire to reflect in time up......" This is in yinchuan people's congress, and director of the civil affairs bureau WangJianNing perform means more than words can tell area deputy to comprehend.
Last November 27, the town government means more than words can tell area palm ChenJunMin youth accidentally car accident, run driver, the medical treatment cost 4000 yuan every day so this rural extremely needy. December 6 late, family members hold "try" idea WangJianNing had left home through the "people's congress to represent the LianXiKa" on cell phone number. Understand the detailed situation, WangJianNing next morning meeting electric glue gun and the solution, December 7, in the afternoon the got $30000 aid medical treatment of a serious illness. To mention this, WangJianNing told reporters: "especially in zhuhai started the people's congress to represent the contact basic unit pilot in the work, I formed the often go to grassroots units' sit 'habits. Take a walk, to listen to, and know the constituency of the difficulties and problems, trying to solve, can't solve brought back to the National People's Congress at the corresponding level or reflect is related departments to solve."
WangJianNing often say, to perform a people's congress to represent the responsibility, is to provide to people's spokesman, joy as a people's drum and shout. For several years. He put forward reasonable Suggestions of opinion article 15. Especially in the thorough community found in most areas visit means more than words can tell old village there are security, facilities, property management deficiencies and so on many aspects of the problem. For this, he conducted detail investigation, this means more than words can tell the old district area baseline, held this year in yinchuan "two", the paper puts forward "on the old district to strengthen property management reform proposal", and is listed as key Suggestions, this year the government ischina glue gun gradually yinchuan into practice. Our correspondent ZhangXiaoBo
Style the Chinese people's political consultative conference
"Speak king" ZhaoDan
In the CPPCC members, yinchuan HangHong business trade limited company general manager, ningxia hardware mechanical and electrical industry association ZhaoDan office, we don't see south of the boss likes put of wealth, but full of bookshelf carefully read the notes is full after economic books, two computers every day is his Internet browsing each big media political, economic news tools. 1999 from zhejiang to silver venture, he from scratch, with commercial sensitivity, oneself of the "husband and wife shop" business into industrial electrical appliances and building materials industry yinchuan leader.
By chance ZhaoDan came to yinchuan, he saw yinchuan city's rapid development will drive the construction materials, decoration decoration and hardware and a large number of development of relevant industries. And business all kinds of glue gun  factory mechanical, electrical, plumbing products customers although have certain scale, only mostly do cheap products, the middle-grade product with a lot of space, so quit her job and came to hangzhou yinchuan, with their own housing mortgage and his wife started the entrepreneurship road, now his conduct of the thousands of electrical appliances sales radiation to wuhai, guyuan, ZuoQi, DingBian and other regions.
As a representative from the grassroots of small and medium-sized enterprises, ZhaoDan through the political consultative conference this platform, and constantly to the voice of the grass-roots reflect to the municipal party committee and the city government, the municipal party committee and the city government of government policy inform related to small and medium-sized enterprises. Over the past few years, ZhaoDan took an active part in all kinds of CPPCC organization inspected research activities, every year to two three proposal, because hisglue guns point of view and more new speech, the members of the committee have called him "the speech king". It is with the political consultative conference, the participating politics platform, he constantly for small and medium-sized enterprise called for. This year "two" held in yinchuan, ZhaoDan ready to put on the small and medium-sized enterprise "and" standard logistics enterprise "proposal submitted to congress to consider.