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IPhone SONY S1 seamless link beauty of actual combat digital household

The computer hard drive space is not large enough, the trouble to use the U dish or move hard disk transfer material, mobile phone, music and pictures of the tablet computer to separate the management, these will be all the trouble of ordinary? If in the home set a NAS home server, so many problems can be solved. This is not, and have a try beauty be convenient storage experiences, both cell phone use, flat or household host can easily browse to share multimedia resources.
The trial is the leading role of our SohoNAS HP, a set of household NAS solution. Because this is a set of solutions, so product is actually includeshot glue guns hardware and software in two parts. And the hardware part is released last year HP's ProLiant MicroServer small server G7, this server itself has also been packaging service in small enterprise, and now HP will this server and his SohoNAS operating system, and the combination of main face household platform, which is another try.
A, HP SohoNAS function profile
As a home NAS, this machine owns file storage, network resources sharing and download this several big common functions. As long as NAS, connected to the home with a wireless router, can use PC directly through the browser into NAS interface Settings, also can document transmission operation, the process is very simple.
Among them apart as mass storage outside, this one NAS can use this a DLNA solutions with mobile phones, tablet computer, the PS3 and so on equipment is linked together, with different portable terminal can read to NAS storage of documents, such as music, hd video, and other resources.
DLNA??? What???
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) by SONY, Intel, Microsoft, sponsored by aimed at resolving the individual PC, consumer electronics, mobile devices, wireless networks and cable Network of interconnected, make Digital media and content services of unrestricted sharing and growth may be, at present the company has more than 280hot melt glue guns  members of the house. DLNA and didn't create the technology, but to form a kind of the solution, you can comply with regulations.
In addition to the media sharing outside of NAS to download files directly also is very feasible, the user can choose to download HTTP, BT, such as, different resources. In this case, we wouldn't have to download a task has been open PC execution, on the one hand, reduce energy consumption, but also avoid the open the noise in the PC trouble, because NAS at run time more energy saving, quiet.
Second, HP SohoNAS hardware analytical
HP SohoNAS has a small volume of 21 × 26 x 26.7 cm, it looks more like a HTPC, but the bigger than common NAS some. The machine used AMD 1.3 NAS GHz dual-core processor, and equipped with 1 gb DDR3 memory, in configuration was close to a low PC, this would ensure downloads speed when the task will not be affected.
The tool made of the black grind arenaceous metal body shell, positive distribution has the power button, the hard drive and the state of the network indicator light, look from flank, the edge horn is sleek.
In the interface, HP SohoNAS have six USB interface, and two of them located in the positive, the back and a VGA interface, gigabit LAN interface, eSATA interface and two reserved PCI expansion slot.
The lower part of the positive can be used to open direct keys, main is to let the user can expand or to replace the hard drive and memory operation.
Open cupboard door can see, occupy the internal hard drive space is the main part of the mainboard is located in the bottom of the fuselage. Built-in hard drive of four slots, hard disk box can through the press take out after, change is very convenient.
This one NAS built-in a Seagate hard drives, capacity for 250 G, for a NAS is still pretty small, the user needs his future expansion.
In the bottom of the motherboard put on a printed booster cables with HP logo of 4 G capacity U plate, this is NAS operating system, so even in take down hard disk, NAS can still normal operation.
The chassis door side with remove the tools installation, more convenient.
Three, HP SohoNAS operating system to try
First the HP SohoNAS and wireless router is linked together, then connect the router, then we can in the input of the corresponding computer address into household NAS interface. The operating system interface is simple, but provide Firefox, Safari, IE browser support etc, practical degrees higher.
And right now if you use the VGA display interface and the NAS connected, the show is just pure character system, need to link USB keyboard to operate, but usually don't need will display device connected with NAS.
Enter the interface, can see front page, my computer, I Shared, download center, disk management, system setting this several main menu, interface really very concise.
In my computer options can hard drive to management, documents on mobile and copy operation, because at present is connected only a piece of hard disk, therefore can only see HDD1 this option.
My share of online in neighbors, such asemergency booster cable media center with simple operation, at the same time using wireless connection of computer can also be found in SOHONAS online neighbor called the computer, where you can open the file system directly operation, like operation as simple as local hard drive.
Another HP SohoNAS can independently execute download mission, support Http,, and BT, but does not support PT download way, to the hand to demand higher users may need to consider again for NAS installation system, after all, now there are many better use the system to choose from.
And in setting part, HP SohoNAS also can replace the user password, restart on basic operation. Overall, HP